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TransCanada Keystone XL Pipeline, TransCanada Keystone Pipeline, LP (ENSR)

TransCanada Keystone Pipeline, LP planned to develop a large-diameter crude oil mainline pipeline, approximately 1,375 miles in length with associated facilities. The project spanned from near Morgan, Montana, at the border between the United States and Canada to Steele City, Nebraska, and from Cushing, Oklahoma, to Nederland, Texas, and onward to the Houston Ship Channel area.

As a sub-consultant to ENSR, Crouch Environmental Services provided environmental investigations for a 475-mile segment of the project between Cushing, Oklahoma, and Nederland, Texas. Crouch Environmental Services organized and maintained a team of 12 full time field biologists and technicians to delineate the 475-mile project area within nine months. Environmental services provided include wetland delineation, threatened and endangered species assessment, GIS support, and other services as required to complete this project on time and under budget.

Freeport LNG Environmental Impact Statement, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

Crouch Environmental Services prepared the biological and water quality sections of a third‑party Environmental Impact Statement for the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission for a proposed liquid natural gas facility to be sited near Quintana, Texas. Preparation of this portion of the National Environmental Policy Act document included data analysis and impact analysis for wetland issues, bird strike issues, threatened and endangered species, ground and surface water quality, and other issues. Data mining, qualitative field surveys, and evaluation of contractor supplied reports were performed within specified schedule and budget. The facility includes ship docking, transmission pipelines, and storage tanks. In June 2004, FERC issued a "General Conformity Determination," approving the project for construction.

95-Mile Preliminary Pipeline Route Evaluation, Various Counties, South Texas

Crouch Environmental Services, Inc. was engaged by Eagleton Engineering LLC to perform a preliminary routing study for an approximately 95-mile natural gas pipeline route. The proposed route is located in South Texas, traversing upland brush habitat, numerous water bodies, riverine habitat, and saltmarsh habitat before terminating near the Gulf of Mexico.

The objective of the routing study was to identify potential environmental constraints on or near the proposed route that might affect environmental permitting or construction requirements. The potential environmental constraints of concern identified during the routing study included, but were not limited to wetlands, waters of the US, threatened and endangered species, national and scenic rivers, park lands, cultural resources, cemeteries, crop lands, wildlife refuges, seagrass and oyster reefs, and tribal lands.

The preliminary routing study provided a summary of potential environmental permitting requirements for the proposed pipeline route and recommendations for any additional environmental studies that would benefit the project. The routing study provided screening-level information to guide decision making for the alignment of the proposed pipeline and to identify critical environmental issues that were likely to confront the project. Informed by years of experience in site selection studies, Crouch Environmental Services made recommendations for re-aligning the proposed route as a step toward minimizing environmental risk and avoiding permitting pitfalls.

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