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Public Involvement for the Port of Gulfport Expansion Project Environmental Impact Statement, US Army Corps of Engineers Mobile District (Atkins)

In order to fulfill the National Environmental Policy Act's requirement for the preparation of an Environmental Impact Statement, the Crouch Communications team organized and facilitated a second public scoping meeting in Gulfport, Mississippi. A second public scoping meeting for the proposed project was scheduled in order to ensure that all stakeholders and community members were presented with ample opportunity to participate. Tasks completed for this meeting included creation of a mailed notice and a project newsletter, notification of all adjacent landowners and organized stakeholder groups, creation and publish of public notices, creation of electronic and static displays, and documentation of public comments. A public scoping meeting summary report was compiled to support the NEPA process by documenting all public involvement activities.

The local news media reported the success of the public meeting in this article published in the Mississippi Sun Herald the following morning.

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