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"I have been extremely pleased and impressed with the quality of work your office produces. You made this permitting process very smooth."

Robert Kite, P.E.
Senior Coastal Engineer
Gahagan & Bryant Associates, Inc.

Meet Our Team

Crouch Environmental Services' professional staff consists of environmental scientists including full GIS capability, and communications specialists including graphic designers, video and web developers, and copy writers.

Kay Crouch Greg Crouch Leslie Hollaway Claire Garvin Annie McFarland Greg Sevcik Liz Carner Chris Prah Ally Altemose Connor Stokes Amanda Sankey Ethan Pauling Trevor Pattillo Jennifer Smith Ana Pacheco

Kay Crouch

Board Chair, Senior Principal

Kay Crouch co-founded Crouch Environmental Services, Inc. (CESI) in 1994. The company provides wetland delineation, permitting and mitigation, environmental site assessment, public involvement, and other general environmental consulting services to a variety of clients in private industry as well as local, state and federal agencies. Ms. Crouch has over 31 years of experience performing wetland investigations, including delineations in accordance with the 1987 U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) Wetlands Delineation Manual. She has procured dozens of Clean Water Act Section 404 permits and Clean Water Act Section 401 Water Quality Certifications (404/401 permits). The company has completed over 1,000 environmental projects since its start-up in 1994. In addition to her environmental expertise, Ms. Crouch is a communications specialist and has received numerous awards, including five national Telly Awards for project-related informational video products. Email Kay

Fun fact: When Ms. Crouch is not busy diligently meeting the needs of her clients, she enjoys worldwide travel and adventure. However, as a sixth generation Houstonian, she is proud to call Texas "home."

Greg Crouch

Board Vice Chair, Senior Principal

Mr. Crouch has over 36 years of experience conducting biological assessments, including wetland delineations and endangered species surveys. He has significant permitting and regulatory liaison experience, including USACE Section 404/401 permits for major development projects. His primary expertise is in the design and creation of wetland mitigation sites, including saline, estuarine and freshwater wetlands. He has also performed hundreds of environmental site assessments (Phase I and II), prepared Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPPs), Spill Prevention Plans, Control and Countermeasure (SPCC) plans, prepared numerous NEPA documents (Environmental Assessments [EAs], Environmental Impact Statements [EISs], and Categorical Exclusions [CEs]), and performed a wide variety of general environmental consulting services for both private and public-sector clients.

Fun fact: When Mr. Crouch is not busy providing clients with superb solutions, you may find him hanging ten on the Texas coast. A lifelong surfer, Mr. Crouch is a proud supporter of the Texas Surfrider Foundation.

Leslie Hollaway


Ms. Hollaway has 10 years of experience in the practice of public communications, and she has managed the award-winning communications team at Crouch Environmental Services, Inc. for five years. Ms. Hollaway has extensive experience in stakeholder and public outreach, specifically for high-profile projects that have significant regional benefits or impacts. The Crouch communications process is born out of technical expertise combined with a dedication to results-oriented problem-solving. Ms. Hollaway serves as an advocate for her clients and the projects that she serves, and she and her team use a wide variety of tools to achieve effective communication. These tools include in-house video productions to inform stakeholders, three-dimensional technical renderings and imagery, web-based tools and marketing, NEPA-compliant public meeting and hearing facilitation, as well as collateral material development and distribution. The communications team also creates as-needed, just-in-time promotional materials, such as mailers and videos, for public and private clients within the infrastructure industry. Ms. Hollaway has years of experience developing and implementing communications plans for clients such as the Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris County, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Harris County Flood Control District, the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, Broward County Port Everglades, and the Port of Galveston, among others. Consistent branding and messaging are vital components of every communications plan, and Ms. Hollaway is committed to ensuring that client messages are clear and accessible to all. Email Leslie

Fun fact: If it's work, short stories, or poetry, writing is Ms. Hollaway's passion. Using her family and her career as inspiration, she is only limited by her imagination!

Claire Garvin

Director of Environmental Services

Ms. Garvin has 13 years of experience in environmental consulting, fieldwork, and project management. Ms. Garvin brings with her experience in National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) compliance and environmental permitting support, and development and execution of biological field survey programs for projects focused within the Gulf Coast and southeast regions. Her project experience spans across industries including oil and gas, electric transmission line routing and permitting, nuclear energy plant biological sampling and permitting, coastal surveys and restoration, public and private development, and mitigation plan development. Ms. Garvin's capabilities include state and federal agency coordination, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) application preparation, Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), the Public Utility Commission (PUC), and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) applications, permitting, and coordination for federal applications and coordination. As Director of Environmental Services, Ms. Garvin supports the CESI environmental consulting team in the planning and execution of environmental projects. She also participates in the preparation and review of technical documents, assuring these deliverables meet CESI's high standards of scientific and communicative excellence.

Fun fact: Ms. Garvin's consulting experience has also taken her on many exciting adventures. From endangered Kemps ridley sea turtles to netting bull sharks in the Gulf of Mexico to surveying along the Alaska Pipeline in the Arctic Circle in Alaska, Claire has been there, done that.

Annie McFarland

Director of Communications

Ms. McFarland's experience spans nearly 20 years during which she has worked for both federal and local land management agencies as a Recreation Planner. Now as Director of Communications for Crouch Environmental Services, she brings a unique background and leads the communications team in the creation of effective community and staff engagement strategies to support successful planning efforts. Ms. McFarland specializes in assisting land management agencies and public entities seeking to engage with their communities by facilitating the breakdown of barriers, developing winning solutions and building consensus. By drawing on her recreation management background, project-management skill set and a toolbox of professional facilitation techniques, she is able to help groups discover solutions that meet everyone's needs and create a feeling of investment in the end result.

Fun fact: Ms. McFarland has volunteered at multiple bike events across Colorado, including 24hrs of Old Pueblo and the MS150.

Greg Sevcik

Project Manager, Creative Director

Mr. Sevcik has 8 years of experience as a professional and freelance graphic designer, developing print collateral, branding and motion graphics. Mr. Sevcik has served as the lead graphic designer for several of Crouch Environmental's client projects, including award-winning work on the Pelican Island Container Terminal Conceptual Planning Study, the METRO Solutions Light Rail Transit Expansion project, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Addicks and Barker Dam Safety Program, the Halls Ahead Flood Damage Reduction Study, the Battleship TEXAS Dry Berth Project, and multiple public meetings for the Texas Department of Transportation – Houston District. As such, Mr. Sevcik is responsible for the visual design and layout of various technical and educational communication tools for public distribution. He is also responsible for the development and implementation of consistent and uniform templates for various area-specific newsletters and mail-outs. Other areas of expertise include professional photography, videography, audiovisual equipment setup and operation for public events, and various software proficiencies (Adobe software including Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Acrobat).

Fun fact: When Mr. Sevcik is away from the office, he spends his spare time sketching stories. As a comic artist, his drawings are much more than just doodles!

Liz Carner

Senior Environmental Consultant

Ms. Carner, PWS, serves Crouch Environmental Services with more than 13 years of professional experience in biological field surveys, technical reporting, and project management. Ms. Carner has earned a Professional Wetland Scientist certification from the Society of Wetland Scientists from her years of delineation experience throughout the country, including the Gulf Coast, the southeast, Mid-Atlantic, northeast, midwest, Great Plains, and Intermountain West regions. In addition to wetland delineations, she has successfully completed many different models of RAM/HGM wetland functional assessments and mitigation plans, threatened and endangered species evaluations, habitat/vegetation assessments, noxious weed surveys, and avian surveys. Ms. Carner delivers oversight and management for field operations, and has completed technical reports and permit applications for various projects in the energy, transportation, and development industries. Ms. Carner's capabilities include expertise in agency coordination, project management, and compliance with environmental permitting support, including National Environmental Policy Act and Federal Energy Regulatory Commission application preparation. As a Senior Ecologist and Project Manager, Ms. Carner provides clients with high quality technical data and guidance for successful project completion in Denver, Colorado, serving as Crouch Environmental Services' remote employee.

Fun fact: Living in Colorado allows Ms. Carner to have many opportunities to participate in some of her favorite activities, such as hiking in the mountains with her family and her dog, rock collecting, and seeking out different species of wildlife.

Chris Prah

Wetland and Wildlife Biologist

Ms. Prah has 12 years of natural resource experience working in both the private and public sectors. In the Colorado Front Range and in many regions of the U.S., including the Great Plains, Gulf Coast, Midwest, and Mid-Atlantic, Ms. Prah has experience conducting wildlife surveys, threatened and endangered species assessments, wetland delineations, vegetation monitoring, noxious weed surveys and management, and habitat/environmental due diligence assessments. She has led biological surveys for oil and gas pipeline projects and development projects. Having worked for several years for various Colorado municipal government agencies, she understands the importance of balancing the protection of natural resources with the need for public access and multi-use of these resources in the West. Ms. Prah strives to collect high quality data, produce technically sound reports based on current ecological-based management techniques, and meet client deadlines and expectations.

Fun fact: Having lived in the Colorado Front Range area for the last 8 years, Ms. Prah enjoys getting out to hike the different trails on various open space systems and view and photograph the local wildlife. She is a herptile nerd with her love of frogs, turtles, and snakes in particular!

Ally Altemose

Senior Environmental Consultant

Ms. Altemose has more than 10 years of experience in environmental consulting. The focus of her career has been in plant biology and wetland science, working directly with wetlands and waters associated with Section 404 of the Clean Water Act (CWA). She has performed, overseen, and managed numerous wetland delineations and threatened and endangered species assessments. She has assisted with and authored several NEPA studies (Categorical Exclusions, Environmental Assessments) for government agencies including the Texas General Land Office, National Parks Service, United States Fish and Wildlife Service, and United States Forest Service. Her experience as a consultant focuses on balancing the needs of industry with protecting natural resources. She has worked with many state and federal agencies on a variety of oil and gas related projects. This industry experience and communication skills help her to facilitate project objectives within agency guidelines for best management practices.

Fun fact: Ms. Altemose is an avid dancer. When she is not in the field, she is dancing swing, lindy hop, salsa, or contra.

Connor Stokes

Senior Editor and Communications Specialist

Mr. Stokes has over 3 years of experience as an editor and communications specialist, assisting with project research, report authorship, video production, stakeholder outreach, public meeting/hearing planning, and quality assurance review. Mr. Stokes has played an integral role in many client projects, including communications services for the Maritime Division of the Texas Department of Transportation, public involvement efforts for the Gulf Coast Community Protection and Recovery District Storm Surge Suppression Study, and document editing and meeting coordination for the Texas General Land Office Coastal Resiliency Master Plan. He also organized the outreach campaign to Houston Ship Channel users on behalf of the Port of Houston Authority and compiled research for 12 Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) Studies for the Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris County.

Fun fact: When Mr. Stokes is not performing his duties for Crouch, he loves to travel wherever and whenever he can, and he is completely immersed in the world of basketball.

Amanda Sankey

Environmental Consultant

Ms. Sankey more than 2 years of experience working on environmental and natural resource-related projects for federal, non-governmental, and private organizations. Ms. Sankey has performed US Army Corps of Engineers jurisdictional determinations, wetland delineations, and prepared Section 404/401 permits. Ms. Sankey also has experience performing biological studies, including wildlife habitat assessments, listed and endangered species assessments, and species-specific surveys. Ms. Sankey worked on environmental studies for the Houston Airport System, the Houston Parks Board, Harris County Engineering Department, Harris County Flood Control District, and the Brazosport Water Authority.

Fun fact: When Ms. Sankey is away from the office, she likes to spend her time rock climbing, boating on Lake Livingston, and visiting the Texas Hill Country. To her, there is nothing more enjoyable than spending time in the great outdoors.

Ethan Pauling

Environmental Consultant

Mr. Pauling serves the team as an environmental consultant with experience in the field performing threatened and endangered species surveys, wetland delineations, water quality analyses, and Phase I environmental site assessments. Mr. Pauling also develops written report documents and supports our internal review process. Mr. Pauling also has experience performing biological studies, including wildlife habitat assessments, listed and endangered species assessments, and species-specific surveys. Recently, Mr. Pauling has assisted with projects on behalf of the Houston Airport System, The Port of Houston Authority, The Harris County Flood Control District, and the Houston Parks Board.

Fun fact: While Mr. Pauling is not in the office, he likes to swim and is an enthusiastic fisherman. He enjoys the natural world, especially water.

Trevor Pattillo

GIS Specialist

Mr. Pattillo serves the Crouch Environmental Services team as a Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Professional, assisting with report figures, data compilation, and research. Mr. Pattillo has 3 years of GIS experience on projects ranging from ecology to transportation, supporting multiple individuals and offices. His main duties include acquisition and maintenance of GIS, CAD and geospatial data, creating high-quality and detailed maps and figures for a variety of projects, and collection of raw field data using GPS tools and software. Project work experience ranges from small wetland delineation projects to oil and gas pipeline permitting and routing, leveraging ESRI ArcGIS, ArcSDE, Microstation, and Google Earth.

Fun fact: When Mr. Pattillo is not performing his duties for Crouch , he is an avid Liverpool FC fan and loves to watch games with his dog and his family.

Jennifer Smith

Business and Office Manager

Ms. Smith serves as Business Manager and Executive Assistant for Crouch Environmental Services. She has had over 10 years of administrative and office management experience with focuses on accounting and human resources. In the past, Ms. Smith has worked closely with CFOs, CEOs, and owners of the companies she has worked for to create company financial plans and budgets. Ms. Smith has also helped implement employee benefits that extend beyond just health. Ms. Smith provides the entire Crouch Environmental team with support in making sure day-to-day operations run smoothly, along with invoicing and budget management for the office and client projects. Ms. Smith is the glue that keeps the Crouch team and office in shipshape – we are so grateful she is here!

Fun fact: Ms. Smith loves live music of almost any kind. She has been to over a hundred concerts and music festivals and has a box full of ticket stubs to prove it.

Ana Pacheco

Associate Communications Specialist

Ms. Pacheco serves the Crouch Communications team through as an associate communications specialist, assisting with document creation and editing, photography, Spanish translation services, as well as coordination and documentation of large and small-scale public meetings. Ms. Pacheco regularly creates materials and tools that enhance the visual communication and public involvement needs of our clients. She has experience with NEPA compliance and has worked with clients on projects such as the 40-mile Surface Water Supply Project for the West Harris County Regional Water Authority, the Jersey Village Long-term Flood Damage Recovery Study; Texas General Land Office Coastal Resiliency Master Plan, the Harris County Toll Road Authority (HCTRA) Hardy Toll Road Downtown Connector Project, and multiple Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) projects.

Fun fact: In her spare time, Ms. Pacheco likes to attend live music events such as concerts and festivals, especially if she gets to travel. Road trips to new places with great music are her favorite type of adventure.

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